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Smart Shopping

For the convenience of our regular and foreign customers we invented a new type of service: Smart Shopping.

Smart Shopping

Instead of paying for shipping every time you order, you can also choose to pay your order and to wait with shipping until a next time you order. By combining several smaller orders you can save shipping costs! You can do this until you decide that a next order is the order to ship everything, or until it reaches the maximum weight of 31.5 kg.

So, do you place small orders regularly that you don’t need within a few days? Are you a quick decision maker who does not want to pay shipping costs for every order? Then choose for Smart Shopping under shipping method! No shipping costs will be charged and we put the products ordered by you in a parcel with your name on it. All future orders you do with Smart Shopping as shipping method will be added to this parcel; right until the order you choose for the normal delivery method and pay for the shipping costs: then all previous orders will arrive at your address at once. Picking up also is possible in combination with Smart Shopping. In that case choose for Pick up in your ‘last’ order.

Please note that Smart Shopping is a privilege only available to registered customers. If you create an “Account for later use” the first time you check out, you can instantly make use of Smart Shopping.