Savage Gear Roofvis Deal! Verschillende Pluggen en een Spinnerbait

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In this deal is:

- 1x Savage Gear Roach Lipster - Dirty Roach, 18,2cm/6,7gr
- 1x Savage Gear 4Play Herring Shad - Blue Magic shad, 13cm/21gr
- 1x Savage Gear 4Play Herring Shad - Chartreuse Blue Tiger, 13cm/21gr
- 1x Savage Gear TI-Flex Spinner Bait - Bleak (Shad) Silver Gold, 12,5cm/24gr

Beautifully detailed Baitfish imitation, this ace has the most vibrant and challenging swimming action. The limited weight and TPE tail give this bait a kickende action underwater. Also is this plug by its rolling action perfect for trolling on high and on low speed.
Length: 18,2cm
Weight: 67gr
Diving depth: 1 - 2,5 meter

This Savage Gear 4Play Herring Swim & Jerk is the smaller brother of the 19cm implementation and is still a great 3-piece swim-and jerkbait with a very natural action. This is suspending jerkbait (floating) which means that it is on "depth" hangs when stopped all of a sudden. This 13cm execution will go up to 0.5 metres deep, which is ideal for our Dutch polders!
Length: 13cm
Weight: 21gr
Diving depth: max. 0,5 meter

Ti-Flex Spinnerbait – is designed with a unique Flexible Titanium arm, combined with a Stainless steel wire main frame – giving superb erratic action and vibration on retrieve.
The Oval offset main blade creates great vortex and pulse – giving the Japanese Rolled Silicone skirt incredible life! The Flex arm allows superb hook up rate and pulsing action. The Ti-Flex Spinnerbait is made with inspiration from the Bleak, Alburnus Alburnus, one of the most important prey fish across Europe. Superb Spinner baits for most predator fish, Pike, Perch, Bass – you name it!