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Our Guarantee

We, Sportvis Outlet, solemnly guarantee the following:

➤ Fishing is our passion

We are not businessmen, but simply some guys that love to fish just as much as you do, with a company for fishing products.

➤ We understand fishing is your passion

We understand your needs and we can provide the advice you need about specific products. And of course, if you caught a nice fish be sure to share it with us by sending an email to info@sportvis-outlet.nl. We’ll make sure to post it on our Facebook wall of Fame!

➤ We want to be the cheapest, and to stay the cheapest

We practice what we preach: if we say we are the cheapest, we mean this in the most literal way. This implies that if you can prove that the fixed price of exactly the same product is lower in a COC-registered company, you will get the same price at our webshop. Simply send an email to info@sportvis-outlet.nl with the internet link to show this fixed price (in Euros, currency changes do not apply), and we will give you the same price.

➤ We do not manipulate original prices

The prices we use to calculate the discount percentage are based on the official recommendation prices as provided by the brands themselves. No trics, no nonsense.

➤ If you are satisfied, we are satisfied

And if you’re not satisfied, we’ll go a long way to make sure you will be.

➤ If a product is not 100% new, we always explicitly state this

Sometimes, some of our products (like tents or bed chairs) are demos used at fairs and demonstrations. Although these products have never been used for fishing, these products cannot be sold as ‘new’. If this is the case, we will always state this in the product description, including any possible deficits of the product by showing photographs.

➤ We do not sell products of inferior quality

This is especially the case with products that have an expiration date, since sometimes these are sensitive to aging. We often buy stocks at the end of the season, so inherently these are not as new as at the beginning of the season. However, products that have become inferior for its main purpose will not be sold, and if in your opinion this is the case you always have our money back guarantee. No discussions; just tell us what you think and we’ll solve it.

➤ We do not sell fake, or imitation products

Brands invest millions of Euros every year to come up with the newest technologies. Buying and selling fake products is harmful for the industry, and with Sportvis Outlet you don’t even have to settle for fake to get a good price!

➤ We are constantly improving ourselves

We want to understand you as our customer, and we truly value your opinion: about your experience with our shop, and of course your experience with our products while fishing! Do not hesitate to leave a comment in the Feedback section. Positive feedback is nice to hear, but especially negative feedback enables us to constantly improve our services.