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How It Works

Why should the most natural hobby in the world be so expensive?

This is the question we ask ourselves every day at Sportvis Outlet when we unpack incoming deliveries of new products, and it’s this philosophy that thrives us to make A-quality fishing gear economically accessible to everybody. We are no philanthropic organisation, but making many people so happy with gear they wouldn’t have bought otherwise does feel good.

So why is it that normally we have to spend a fortune on our fishing gear? Our (grand)parents were fishing with bamboo sticks and a simple line and hook with natural bait, and today the concept remains unchanged: catch fish.

Catching fish sure isn’t easy to do. It requires technique, experience, a lot of patience, and of course some fish ;) But, why do we pay the full price for the newest innovations every year to catch the same fish? Fish do learn of course, but perhaps not in the pace we like to think they do.

Perhaps buying overpriced fishing gear works a bit like buying expensive wine: if you pay a lot of money for a nice bottle, your brain is telling you that it must be the most delicious wine you’ve ever tasted. If the same bottle would be in 50% discount next week and you would taste it, chances are that you don’t like it as much as before.

So do we want to pay the full price? Some people always do, but increasingly more people are realising that we are fooling ourselves every year. The fishing gear industry basically works like the fashion industry: new fads and trends are introduced every year, and you are stimulated to keep up. Marketing techniques make you feel that you NEED these newest reels, and that the reels you bought last year aren’t sufficient anymore. So, will you be tricked next time, or can you be a little more patient to wait until we have them in our stock with 50% discount?

We don't have the newest of the newest (though sometimes we even do), but we don't believe that paying the full price for the latest technology leads to catching more fish, or enjoying it more. Sportvis Outlet mainly buys late season overstock in huge quantities. That’s how we can offer you the same brands and the same products, but with a giant discount!

So if you had to choose between working double time to pay the full price, or working less so you have time to go fishing, what would it be? That’s why we believe: Pay less, fish more!