Complete Tackle Box, filled with Nash articles

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Wow what a super deal this Nash tackle box!! It is bomblet packed with just beautiful Nash articles. You will be guaranteed happy! So put it in your fishing bag and you've got all your required equipment on hand.

In this deal are the following articles:

1x big NGT tackle box
1x compartimenten box 1 compartiment
1x compartimenten box 2 compartiments
1x compartimenten box 3 compartiments
1x compartimenten box 4 compartiments
1x compartimenten box 6 compartiments
1x compartimenten box 8 compartiments
3x large dealers
6x small dealers
1x rigbox incl 20 pins

The following end game products:

1x Nash core plus leadcore silt brown 20lb/25m
1x Nash core plus leadcore sand gravel 45lb/25m
1x Nash triggalink 12lb (elastic hooklink material)
1x Nash triggalink 15lb (elastic hooklink material)
1x Nash boilie hair rig size 4 barbless
1x Nash missing link gravel 35lb/20m
1x Nash leadcore splicing needle
1x Nash dipstick
1x Nash fang gaper size 4 barbless
1x Nash fang uni size 10
1x Nash run rings braid green
1x Nash euro safety bolt bead black
1x Nash silicone tubing green 1,5mm
1x Nash helicopter leader 1,5m
1x Nash hair stops orange fine
1x Nash hair stops brown medium
1x Nash hard taper bore beads diffusion camo 3mm
1x Nash shockloc beads diffusion camo
1x Nash helicopter safe rig fluoro stealth ultra fine
1x Nash lead link clips type 3 with sleeve
1x Nash pop-up clams standard
1x Nash pop-up clams large
1x Nash zig bugs attractor beetles barbless
1x Nash zig bugs naturals hatch 1 barbless
1x Nash zig bugs natural hatch 2 micro barbed


All this has a value of more than € 250,- and you catch it for a whopping €49,99